Circular has earned the 2023 Top Culture Excellence recognition for all five workplace award categories, Leadership, Innovation, Compensation & Benefits, Work-Life Flexibility, and Purpose & Values.
With Adam at the helm, it has been rewarding to watch the Dallas office grow by nearly 485% — thanks to his ability to cultivate lasting relationships and build the next generation of leaders.
Top Workplaces Culture Excellence awards celebrate organizations that excel in specific areas of workplace culture. Circular made the list on all four categories:
  • Leadership: The Top Workplaces for Leadership award celebrates organizational leaders who inspire confidence in employees and the company direction. They listen to what matters most to employees and use that insight in decision making.
  • Innovation: The Top Workplaces for Innovation award recognizes organizations that have created a culture where new ideas are encouraged, which helps employees to reach their full potential and benefits performance.
  • Work-Life Flexibility: The Top Workplaces for Work-Life Flexibility award recognizes organizations that have built a culture that enables employees to meet the demands of their personal lives while maintaining high performance.
  • Purpose & Values: The Top Workplaces for Purpose & Values award celebrates organizations that have successfully communicated the company mission and integrated those aspirations into the culture.
We have seen great success with integrating the Achievers recognition program at Circular. With 95% active users and over 63,900 recognitions sent through the platform since 2022, it is clear we are building a culture of strong employee engagement, connection, and recognition at Circular.